June 20 to July 3

Unexpectedly I found myself traveling home to the states for a long weekend due to a family matter. I received the required time off (five working days although two of those days were reserved for travel) and appreciated the last minute adjustment my work made.

Before, and after, this time, I continued to oversee photo shoots that were being produced and every worked hands-on with a stop/motion video I designed personally. The hair company loved the video and it will be published on all social media platforms within the month of July. It was a rewarding feeling that I was able to contribute greatly to a client.

We also have received three new interns, one of which is working directly within my department. She is working for Brandnation for a month during her summer holiday off from uni. It’s interesting being an intern that’s helping a new intern learn what is going on within Brandnation, as I am still constantly learning new things.

One of the harder things that have happened over the last two weeks was maintaining my personal life with my work life. It became important for me to leave what was bothering me outside of work to leave outside of work. I had some family issues, as well as personal relationship issues, forming during the week of the 20th and needed to move forward from it at work. Yes, my coworkers are more than willing to listen if I need to talk about what is going on but I didn’t want my work day, or week, to revolve around my personal life. Working full-time means that I have to balance a personal and professional life, and while sometimes it is okay for it to intermingle it is not okay for everything to always come together.

One of the more rewarding things happening, besides getting praised for my stop/motion video, was working on a sports competition. I was able to contact a social media blogger directly and manage the competition, everything from choosing the winner to making sure that the packages were being sent out properly. For the first time I felt responsible for something important and I hope that while I continue to work for Brandnation I will be rewarded with more responsibilities.

Cheers xx


June 13 to June 16

This week has been one of the more exciting weeks so far.

We started the week with two full days of photoshoots, one of which I was able to model in. Our Monday photo shoot revolved around the tanning brand that the company advertises for. This photoshoot was specifically for images that would be used in the tanning brands Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account.

Also, we designed a stop/motion video, with the theme being ‘What’s in my Bag’. I had never participated in a stop/motion video before and learned a lot about how these types of videos are filmed.

The second photoshoot that I assisted with was a teeth whitening brand that the company has recently begun working with. We produced about nine product shots so that we have our own images to use for PR articles and social media usage.

Both photo shoots had simple product shots and themed product shots. I helped the digital marketing team with brainstorming creative image and stop/motion videos and helped with setting the products up.

I had never assisted on a photo shoot and I enjoyed being part of the chaotic work. While we did not have models, as it was an image shoot and not an advertising shoot, I enjoyed participating and see how much effort is needed in the digital marketing department.

The rest of the week was busy with planning the social media plans for the upcoming month of July. It doesn’t help that I am leaving for a last-minute vacation on Friday back to the states, but I am preparing my work so that none of my coworkers has too much to do without me.

On a personal note, I am enjoying spending time with my coworkers. I have gone out for drinks with a few and have gotten lunches and coffees with them. It’s interesting to experience the different cultures and the way certain situations are handled. Ironically, the hardest part of adjusting to working within a UK company is the grammar, but hopefully, this is improving.

When I return from my vacation I will have my two-month review and will continue working on my internship portfolio and my dissertation, both of which are going to be due soon. I can’t believe it is almost July!

Cheers xx

June 5 to June 9

This week has been a slow week. While we always have things to do (finding coverage, doing papers, reaching out to journalists, dealing with clients) there are some days that there is not a lot of workloads to spread within my department.

Over the last week, my biggest responsibility was creating the monthly reports for some of the clients. Within these reports, we show all the blogger/journalist coverage that has happened over the past month, how many like/retweets/mentions that the social media accounts have and what we are planning on doing the next month to improve our numbers.

On top of this, we are currently designing storyboards to present to clients to show what we want to do within the next month. These boards reflect mostly images we wish to take at photo shoots, competitions we wish to host and YouTube videos we want to produce to draw in an audience. Most of the week was full of brainstorming and keeping up with statistics.

I spent a lot of time learning about working with Macs, something I haven’t done before. This ranges from learning how to screenshot images on a Mac to navigating the server at work. I’ve spent a lot of time learning about how to transfer files (whether it is creating PDF files or using websites to share multiple documents) and have spent time learning more about Google Docs.

I haven’t used Google Docs since I was in high school and have spent time here at work learning how to use Google Excel and Word. We use Google Docs because it is easier to share the documents with everyone working on the client, as we can all edit the document and put our input in at the same time and without sending documents to and from our email. It is very convenient and I am enjoying this simplistic way of editing.

In two weeks I am heading back to the states for a family affair. I hadn’t planned on going back to the states until Thanksgiving but sometimes it’s important to spend time with family. My days were accepted by work and I was able to tell my family that I will be returning, even for a few short days.

Cheers xx

May 29 to June 2

The second week of full-time interning at Brandnation is now complete. While I am getting used to the company, as well as fellow employees and interns, I am realizing that there is so much to learn in regards to working in the industry.

My daily tasks include publishing content for the clients that our company is representing. These clients are dispersed in three categories: sports, fashion, and beauty. None of these companies overlap in the products that they sell, which is important because there can be no conflict of interest or competitors being represented.

One of the things that the company is trying to work on, in a general sense, is their representation of themselves. While their website is constantly being improved and updated, Brandnation is looking to become a social media company. This, in blatant terms, means they want to expand their coverage into representing companies on all social media platforms. After a recent company shakeup, in which a large turnover rate occurred due to employees pursuing other careers, they are looking to rebrand their company over the next few months. This is an exciting opportunity I am able to be part of.

Besides publishing content for the clients that Brandnation represents, I am also available to assist at photo shoots for products and am asked to attend events so that we may have social media content and live video for the day. This week I was able to attend an outdoor workout class for one of the sports clients, in which I was able to participate in the class and also take pictures of the morning workout. It was fun to be able to report on what was going on instead of necessarily writing about an event that I had not been able to participate in.

I also had the chance to research products and edit blog posts for a few sports clients. These blogs are published to the UK websites of our clients (some are international clients) and from there, customers are able to read about the client and their success with products. I also did plenty of client outreach, from closing competitions that clients were having on social media platforms to simply replying to messages concerning complaints and questions about the clients and their products.

Next week we are having more photoshoots and are having a meeting with our bosses to discuss the incoming management. She will be starting in July and, while new to the company, has plenty of experience in the social media and public relations field.

Cheers xx

May 22 to May 26

I have completed my first full week at the Public Relations company Brandnation. My role for the next few months is Public Relations and Social Media Assistant. While this is not my first internship, as I have completed multiple internships throughout my undergraduate degree, I am excited to be brought into a new company.

My role, as of right now, is to assist with the social media platforms their clients have requested to be updated. This consists of updates daily as well as advertising any competitions that they are currently running, or need to run. I am also in charge of communicating with clients about how what we plan to accomplish each week, and month, will help gain viewership.

Last week I was in charge of creating new monthly plans for three companies that we are already working for, as well as creating a mock plan for a new company looking for us to start in July. I also was in charge of creating graphics through the online website Canva that would be new graphics for Instagram.

I also had the ability to help with a photoshoot for a beauty product. I helped set up the studio and helped get the models ready. When we return from the long weekend I will help select the best photos that will be shown on the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account.

So far I have enjoyed the company of the people I work with. It is a relatively young company, with most of the employees under 30. We have gone out for drinks multiple nights and the company had a drink trolly come around Friday afternoon. There are even nights, such as the 30 of May, where the company is competing in pub quizzes. Brandnation also has going away parties for those who are departing the company, and birthday celebrations for all of the employees, something I have never been part of before. There is a sense of unity between the bosses and employees, something I had not experience in previous internships. It seems as though the bosses try to create an open communication line between all the employees and higher ups, which is important when communicating issues and ideas regarding clients.

I cannot wait to experience another full week with the company.

Cheers xx